The History of Lifestyle Christian Academy

In 1988, LCA was founded by German pastor and missionaries Johannes Eberhard & Christa Giesler. In the 2000s, it developed into a school with about 200 students. Students graduating through LCA are expected to contribute to the country and the region. It was remarkable school in Worcester. 

However, in 2007, the school was unable to secure sufficient financial resources, and it became difficult to operate the school. At the end of 2011, the school announced to be closed at the end of 2011 as it had to leave the government building that was used for lease (as it started to use the dormitory as a nurse training program). After announcing, there were seven students and four teachers left. Some of the leaders of the school, who had a closed-minded decision but were saddened by this decision, sought to find a new leader who could overcome this difficulty. Then they pointed out a missionary couple who came from South Korea. 

Korean missionary couple (Mr. Jongwoo Kim and Mrs. HJ Connie Kim) started to rebuild schools in difficult conditions with the remaining four teachers and seven students. In January 2012, the school resumed with 7 students. and in August 2015, the first school building of LCA was built on the ground of the NGO group called YWAM(Youth With A Mission) in Worcester. In February 2017, LCA has completed another building in YWAM. And in September 2021, LCA has completed a new building for high school on the farm. At present,  we are focusing on cultivating african young leadership who will serve and influence not only for the local community but also for African and the world.

There were a lot of volunteers from overseas that it was possible to provide good quality education with low cost of tuition. Since 2013, volunteers with a variety of skills in the United States and especially in South Korea have contributed to the growth of LCA for three months or a year for our students. As a construction worker to maintain and build our school, a musician to teach how to play the musical instruments, a art teacher to help children's arts education, a swimming coach to teach swimming, an English teacher to teach English, and many other talented volunteers. They have come to a small village of Worcester in South Africa to support the growth of young children in Africa. Because these volunteers, music and arts are already recognized as excellent educational levels in the region.