Lifestyle Christian Academy is open to all parents interested in securing a quality Christian education for their children, whom the school finds qualified for admission and who agrees to abide by Lifestyle Christian Academy rules, dress code, disciplinary code, etc. Parents/students  should also agree to be courteous and respectful to peers, staff and other daily associates. It should always be understood that it is a privilege and not a right to attend Lifestyle Christian Academy. Any student who does not conform to the school셲 standard of conduct and/or who is unwilling to adjust to our code of conduct will forfeit this privilege.


We believe the Bible mandates that the primary responsibility of each student셲 education rests with the parents, and we view the school셲 role as one of partnership with the parents in this endeavor. In order to establish and maintain a successful partnership, it is essential that parents be in agreement with the philosophies and intentions of the school. If, at any point during the school year, parents find themselves disagreeing with the philosophy, standards or administration of the school, they should make every effort to work towards a solution, together with the administration. If a harmonious solution cannot be reached, the student may be asked to leave the school.


Lifestyle Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic background and all rights, privileges, programs and activities pertaining to the school are made available to all students attending the school. Lifestyle Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic background in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, sport codes and other school-administered programs.


We do screen applicants on the basis of the Christian faith and lifestyle, academic ability, character, and desire and willingness to participate in the LCA program.




Christianity and the Bible is the only religious medium used and adhered to. 


Both parents and student attend an interview with the Principal, or his/her duly appointed Representative, during which the procedures of the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) Curriculum is thoroughly discussed and explained. An application form is completed and submitted by the parent/s, accompanied by the required documentation and the necessary fees (pertaining to diagnostic tests) are paid. Students are evaluated by means of a diagnostic test that is conducted according to AEE (Accelerated Education Enterprises) standards and procedures, prior to confirmation of admission of students into the school.


The Admissions Officer, namely the person to whom this authority is delegated by the Principal, is responsible for the administration of student admissions to the school. Parents are notified of the outcome of their applications, once the necessary financial credit checks are done, all required documentation attached to the application has been deemed satisfactory and after the results of diagnostic tests performed, has been reviewed by the school. At this point the parents and student will be invited to meet with the Principal, to discuss the outcome of the Diagnostic test and the academic future of the student at the school.


Only at the point of confirmation of acceptance into the school, will parents be required to pay the applicable once-off registration fee and/or any other relevant school fees, as determined by the management of the school, for that particular year of admission. Parents will be informed, assisted and guided as to the ordering of school uniforms, at the point of confirmation of acceptance of the student into the school, as well.




Applications must be submitted, together with the applicable required documents, to the school office. Available openings are determined following priority enrollment of currently enrolled students and siblings. As openings are often limited, applicants are encouraged to apply for the next year, by 1 September of the current year. Students may be admitted during the course of the current school year, if openings are available. Class placement is pending available space and is not confirmed until an applicant completes the admission procedures, and the school receives all completed registration and tuition agreement forms, along with any applicable registration fees.



           Parents and/or guardians must fill out the Application form with ALL the required attachments.


           GRADES REPORT: Parents and/or guardians must provide the applicant셲 most current grade report.



           Applicants for grades R-7 are required to take a diagnostic test. The test will be performed at Lifestyle Christian Academy, administered by school personnel. Upon receipt and review of the completed application and required attachments, testing will be completed.


           TESTING FEE

           A non-refundable testing fee will be due at the time new students are applying for entrance into LCA.



           Attendance of an interview conducted by the Principal, or his/her duly appointed Representative, may be requested from the applicant and their parent and/or guardian.



           Upon review of all documents the applicant will be notified of acceptance or denial, by the school셲 office. LCA carefully examines each completed application file & diagnostic test results.  While it is our desire to partner with families in their children셲 education, we realize that we cannot meet the needs of every applicant.






In order to be accepted at Lifestyle Christian Academy as a short-term student, the following applies:


1. No registration fee will be charged, however a school uniform fee applies (fee varies according to the size ordered). 


2. A stationery fee will be payable (Playschool). Parents will also be expected to provide the list of items on the Term Needs list that will be supplied by the class teacher. 


3. (a) School fees are payable in full in advance, for short-term students (less than 3 months).

   (b) School fees will be calculated per week and will exclude payment over school holidays, ONLY during the first and last month of school attendance. 

   (c) A student셲 absence from school will NOT change or affect the payment of school fees for that specific month. 


4. (a)  School fees for 2021, for Grade 1?7 amounts to R825.00 for ELS students. Additional ELS tutor fees applies and will be communicated to parents by the private ELS tutor. 

   (b)   Full school fees for 2021, for Grade 1-7, in the amount of R1650.00 applies to Non-ELS students. 

   (c)   Non-ELS Grade R students pay the full R1430.00 school fee for 2021. 

   (d)   Playschool students pay the full R880.00 school fee for 2021.






1. Appointment to visit the school (Tel. 023-342 6082). 


2. School visit/Interview with the Principal or his/her Representative.


3. Complete and submit the Application for Admission (file attached). 

(Attach all the required documents.)


4. Diagnostic test (Students may be considered for acceptance depending on age and the grade level, or depending on the result of the diagnostic test).


5. Confirmation of Acceptance/Non-Acceptance of Application. 


6. Parents and student Interview with the Principal (Both parents must be members of a local church).


7. Final Admission 

   (Supporting Documents) 

    - Copy of child셲 birth certificate

    - Child셲 clinical card/Medical history certificate 

    (All students must have the following immunizations: Diphtheria, Rubella, Polio, Small Pox, Measles.)

    - Recent passport/ID size photo 

    - Copy of Parents Identity Documents 

    - Parents Proof of Income (3 Months Bank statements & 3 Months Pay slips)

    - Most recent report card of student셲 previous school

    - Passports of both parents and students, where applicable