Our desire is to see each and every students strengthen his or her relationship with Jesus Christ. Our expectation is that students have a sound mastery of learning skills, acquire self-discipline, good work habits, and Biblical social values. The Bible ? God셲 Word ? is carefully and purposefully integrated into all curriculum as well as being a dynamic course of study by itself. In order to fulfill those desire and expectation, LCA offers several programs for our students. 





   -  Share with others their personal relationship with God.

   -  Exhibit an increasing ability to articulate and defend their faith.

   -  Read, write, speak and listen effectively and critically.

   -  Gather, organize and effectively communicate pertinent information.

   -  Use technology as an information resource consistent with biblical philosophy and values.

   -  Develop communication strategies using technological tools.



   -  Have accepted or been challenged to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

   -  Discovers God-given abilities while leading in selfless service.

   -  Demonstrates Christian morals, ethics and integrity through positive, productive citizenship.

   -  Understands the biblical definition of leadership as service to others, driven by love.

   -  Contributes to the community as active and informed citizens.



   -  Take personal responsibility in the learning process.

   -  Ready to learn.

   -  Setting learning goals.

   -  Engage in the learning process.

   -  Evaluate learning.

   -  Establish, pursue, and accomplish realistic and challenging personal goals.

   -  Work diligently to be a good steward of time and resources.

   -  Achieve competence in core subject areas as well as other coursework.

   -  Use technology to enhance and facilitate learning.

   -  View learning as a life-long process.



   -  Pray daily to God for direction and read His Word daily as a source of truth.

   -  Worship God through vocal and instrumental music.

   -  Experience artistic expression through a variety of creative opportunities in the fine and performing arts.

   -  Develop and maintain physically fit bodies because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

   -  Participate in athletics and sport with a Christ-like character.












What is early childhood development?


'Early childhood development (ECD)' refers to the physical, psychological,

cognitive and social development that a child experiences between birth

and 9 years of age. Based on various scientific studies, we know that early childhood development plays a key role in determining whether a child will reach his or her full potential. The events that occur during the early years of

childhood have a lasting impact, and will affect a child's growth and development throughout his or her life. For this reason it is important to focus on building a strong foundation in early childhood. By providing age-appropriate tools for learning, childcare workers and parents can help children to develop to their full potential.




LCA Playschool  


LCA Playschool aims to offer a happy, caring and secure learning environment for children aged 2 to 5 years old. The Playschool opens at 7:15am every morning. We start our lessons at 08:30am and end at 1:00pm. Please have your

children at school before lessons start and collect them promptly after 1:00pm.

A 'waiting class' is available after 1:00pm to 2:00pm to children with siblings in the Lifestyle Christian Academy Primary School.


Children are active learners who learn most effectively through 쐂oing ? experimenting, discovering and exploring. Play is an essential part of a child셲 early development. Through play, our children learn to engage and interact in the world around them. It encourages the use of their imagination and creative abilities, and builds a desire to explore and discover. Here they can develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Our daily program provides a stimulating group-centered environment with age-appropriate educational and play materials.


We offer 3 classes: Twinkle Class(2-3 years old), Arise Class(3-4 years old), Shine Class(4-5 years old). The teachers facilitate learning by following a planned integrated curriculum, whereby they interact with children during teacher-directed learning times together with free play both indoors and outdoors.


The foundational skills of pre-reading (listening, recall, understanding),  pre-writing (fine and gross motor; eye-hand co-ordination) and pre-maths (numbers, shapes, colours) are encouraged as they are all important for the success of a child once they reach a formal schooling.  Basic life skills will also be incorporated into the daily program to support the parents in teaching their children manners, safety and hygiene. Our school program encourages your child to develop Biblical character traits that will benefit them for life. School should be an extension of the home, therefore family values are promoted.


Each child is loved and cared for as a unique individual creating a secure and positive self image which in turn helps develop empathy, positivity and kindness towards one another. Our school has a Christian ethos and we believe. 


쁔rain up a child in the way he should go: when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6










Foundation phase learning


The foundation phase is the first phase of formal schooling in South Africa and is about developing a solid base of knowledge for children and helping them further in the school environment and life. Foundation phase is all about the basics in educational knowledge. Remember that a child has never been exposed to these concepts. They need to learn them and learn how to apply them. They need to be assisted at home and school to build a strong foundational knowledge that will assist them through school and later lead them to become independent learners.



LCA Primary School 


Grade R - 7


Our Primary School begins with a solid foundation for reading, writing, mathematics and developing the child holistically. LCA follows the ACE(Accelated Christian Education) program. The children benefit from our small classes with their excellent teacher to student ratios (classes are limited to children).  


Language is an instrument for thinking and communication. When learners use language effectively they are able to think critically and accumulate knowledge, express their creative abilities and identity as well as their feelings and ideas. They are also able to better interact with others and manage their experiences. At LCA, we offer English as Home Language. 


School is not just about academic achievements ? character development is at the forefront of our holistic program. Art and physical education are part of the timetable from grade 1 to grade 7. 



What is ACE?


A.C.E Curriculum 


Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is a globally successful education program. ACE, also known as the School of Tomorrow, is a Bible-based, individualized, character-building curriculum that enables each child to learn with their unique, God-given abilities and talents, and individual capabilities which promotes reasoning and critical thinking skills as well. 





A = Accelerated

The student operates on a complete self-instructional curriculum, spanning over all 12 grades. Each core subject consists of 12 instructional modules (PACE's) per grade level ranging from PACE 1 to PACE 144, thus completing one grade 12 subject. The student works at their own level of performance for each subject.


C = Christian

The system integrates Biblical truths and Christian character values throughout the curriculum and in the daily operation of the school. The staff always try to lead the students to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and challenges each student's Christian journey.


E = Education

Individualised Education which means that the student's needs are met at their personal level of ability. Every student is required to master the subject concepts in each PACE before proceeding to the next module, thus training students to acquire quality education.



ACE셲 Core Value


    1. A God-centered Education 

        쏱ursuing the unity of Life and faith

        The Bible셲 fundamentals are spread through the text book curriculum with compulsory scripture recitation training;          in all areas of life, we acknowledge God셲 sovereignty and cultivate true fruit bearing faith. 


    1. Individualized Education 

        쏥od made all people with a unique form and purpose 

        Personal traits and academic levels are analyzed/studied, and after them an individual curriculum is designed. 


    1. Academic Management/Incentive

        쏧t셲 not about teaching, but learning 

        We understand each and every student셲 learning method, and using them concentrate on offering the right kind            of help 


    1. Biblical Education 

        ACE/SOT is a verified Christian Education Program with 50 years of tradition as a curriculum that became the                  leading Christian Education Core. It was developed with more than 60 American Christian Scholars with about                50,000,000 dollars invested in research fees. 



ACE셲 Traits 

    1. Integration of Biblical Principles


    1. Individualized Learning


    1. Self-Instructional


    1. Character Building 


    1. Mastery-based Learning 



What is PACEs? 

 Packet of Accelerated Christian Education

     - Personal 

     - Accountability

     - Character

     - Enhancement

     - Series (K-12) 


5 Laws of Learning by ACE 

    1. The learner must be on a LEVEL where the student can perform.


    1. The learner must set reasonable GOALS the student can achieve in a set period of time.


    1. The learner must be CONTROLLED and MOTIVATED to assimilate, use or experience the material. 


    1. Learning must be MEASURABLE.


    1. Learning must be REWARDED. 















Senior phase learning 


The Senior Phase, (Grades 7 to 9), is an important time for learners aged 13 to 15. As individuals, they start the transition from child to young adult, and at the end of this phase they have to choose subjects. This means that learners in the

Senior Phase must make important decisions that will impact not only on what subjects they take in Grades 10 to 12, but also on their future careers. Young teenagers face the challenges of the physical and emotional changes of growing  rapidly into adulthood, and many suddenly experience a strong need and desire to show some independence. For some it comes naturally, but most need guidance and support. Young and enquiring minds begin to think in more complex and abstract terms. This creates opportunity for more in-depth learning, critical thinking and the further development of problem-solving skills. Communication becomes central to the learning process. Importantly, the value system learnt in the younger years is put into practice, and is often challenged as the older child develops personally, as well as in his or her relationships with family, peers and teachers.



LCA High School 


Grades 8 - 12


LCA provides a safe learning environment where children benefit from our small classes with their excellent teacher to student ratios.


Our school follows an online International American Curriculum called SwitchedOn with which we teach English Home Language to all pupils (Language of Learning and Teaching) and offer Afrikaans First Additional Language. 


SwitchedOn Education offers an exclusively built, comprehensive digital curriculum for Christian schools and Home Schools. On enrollment, a student receives a personalised learning plan based on their abilities, goals, current academic standing, and style of learning. Its courses are rigorous, interactive and provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, whilst encouraging students to consider challenging questions and higher-order thinking skills.


Core compulsory Subjects:

 -  Bible

 -  Language Arts

 -  Math

 -  Science

 -  History and Geography

 -  Afrikaans


SwitchedOn also offers a wide range of electives along with career and technical courses that the students can choose from.


Although we offer SwitchedOn as our main curriculum, we also value the individuality of each student. We realise that each student will have different academic goals, and therefore we will offer opportunities for them to graduate through various pathways that will help them reach their full potential. These include GED, MOOC, CAPS, dual enrollment with colleges, etc. 


SwitchedOn website:  https://switchedoneducation.co.za

GED website: https://ged.com/en/?lang=en


LCA places great value on the character development of students. Through our LCA program, social engagement and academic opportunities we aim to develop highly-motivated, balanced and competent young people who are well prepared to deal with the challenges facing them when they leave school.