Lifestyle Christian Academy셲 primary source of income is tuition. It is vital that all LCA families understand their financial commitments to the school and faithfully pay all tuition and other fees on time. Please note, only one financial contract is necessary per family.


- Payment of school fees is compulsory.


- Fees are billed in full at the beginning of each year, to be paid off in advance monthly, by the 3rd of each month OR in full, at a 10% discount, before the end of February. 


- The first payment of a new year is due on 1 January and no later than 7 January and the final payment must be paid in full, before or on 1 December.


- Parents are required to give LCA one calendar month셲 written notice, prior to removing their children from the School. Failure to do so will render them liable for payment of the following month셲 school fee. 


- It is the duty of the person/entity responsible for payment, to notify the school should he/she foresee future problems to make timeous payments. In these cases, an Appointment must be made with the Principal to request approval for setting up a formal Payment Agreement. 


- All enquiries relating to school fees must be addressed in writing to: Lifestyle Christian Academy, 2 Luyt Street, Worcester 6849 ? PO Box 938 Worcester 6849. E-mail: lifestylecw@gmail.com


- Bank Details: 


  NAME OF ACCOUNT      : Lifestyle Christian Academy

  BRANCH CODE             : 632005

  ACCOUNT NUMBER       : 404 538 9532

  REFERENCE NR            : The student셲 account number



Diagnostic Test Fee 

Grade R to 1  :   R 70.00

Grade 2 to 7  :   R 250.00



Registration Fee

Playschool  :   R275

Grade R to 7  :  R990.00 (Once-off. Non-refundable) 

(Grade R students who paid the R275 Playschool Registration Fee will pay R990 less R275)

Current school fees rates can be requested from the LCA office. 


Registration Fees Offset the Cost of:

-  Curriculum and Materials

-  Technology

-  Fees, Licenses, Subscriptions, and Insurance

-  Special Activities

-  Yearbooks / Newsletters



-  Diagnostic Test Fee, payable in cash on the day of testing 

-  Once-off Registration fee, payable upon confirmation of Acceptance of Application

-  School Fees (These fees are subject to change on a yearly basis and are to be paid in advance, monthly)

-  Uniform Fees ? Uniforms are ordered directly from the Manufacturer (please contact the school office for contact details.) 



Please Note: There is a discount on monthly school fees payable to the school, in the case of foreign students taking ELS lessons. (Prospective parents should please contact the Office, to enquire about this.) 


- ELS Tutor fee in the case of foreign students taking private English lessons are communicated to prospective parents by the school, in consultation with the ELS Tutor. Thereafter, payment of said fees is a matter handled privately between the ELS Tutor and the parents.