1) Sports

LCA aims for continued participation from our students and our students take part in a weekly Physical Education class. Information regarding sport events will be communicated via letter, that would be handed out to the students at least a week before the event. 


If any information regarding learners should be disclosed, it should be communicated directly to the coach or to the sports Organiser. We believe that sports can help each one of our learners to develop their talents, strengths and good attitude toward other people.   




2) Arts

Music is offered at our school by LCA music academy. We offer piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, percussion, to the students hours. High School  continue with their lessons after school.


At School we strive to expose our students to a variety of cultural activities such as Art, Drama, Music. With the help of a talented team, we also recognise, support and develop individual students who show exceptional talent. Our students practice and perform LCA Arts Festival (Concert) every year.





3) Field trip

LCA field trip is a journey taken by our leaners to a place away from their usual environment. In education, field trips are defined as visits to an outside area of the normal classroom and made by a teacher and students for purposes of firsthand observation. Field trips are a popular method carried out for students to introduce to the concepts, experiences, and ideas that cannot be given in a classroom environment. Exploring other cultures and customs to broaden their mind, getting to the motherland of languages, uncovering pristine nature and experiencing fascinating local life are striking demonstrations of educational field trips.


Domestic Field Trip

- Cape Town Sightseeing Field Trip

- Gardening and Farming Field Trip

- Manufacturing Facility Field Trip

- Eco-adventure Field Trip

- Business Educational Tour


International Field Trip

- South Korea (2014)

- South Korea (2018)






4) Fun Day

Fun Day is a fun-filled event held in our school. Fun Day gives our learners the chance to celebrate special events and show some class pride and spend a day being active.





5) Aftercare 

Aftercare is available on school days from 13H00 until 17H00. Aftercare charges begin 15 minutes after students are dismissed from class. Any students not picked up by this time will be placed into aftercare and the daily rate will be charged. Aftercare is available for students from Grade R - 7.


All students attending aftercare are required to have a 쏛ftercare Contract on file. Current Aftercare Rates can be found at the LCA office.



Aftercare ends at 17H00. Late parents will be charged R30.00 per ten minutes late. Parents are asked to call aftercare if late arrival is anticipated. Parents who fail to do so,

may have their authorized contact people called to come and pick up their child after

17H00. After three offenses, the fee will be R50.00 per ten minutes. Consistent abuse of the 17H00 pick-up policy may result in cancellation of the aftercare contract.


Aftercare Fees

Please see Aftercare Fees in the Aftercare contract.